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Lisa Foster

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Please join me in helping to create a flourishing world!!

My name is Lisa Foster and I'm excited to be sharing the Noonday collection with you! I'm passionate about my family, art, nature, culture, food, style & life...and love empowering others. When I'm not busy creating a marketplace for the artisans we partner with, you will find me working in my pottery studio, teaching yoga, or outside gardening, hiking and checking on my beehives! I would love to show you our collection--you wouldn't believe how awesome the jewelry and accessories are in real-life! Having the opportunity to travel and visit with the artisans who make our items has been such a fun part of my job; sharing our similarities and how Noonday collection has indeed contributed to a more " flourishing " world is the reason I love having trunk shows. I signed up to become an ambassador for Noonday collection over 11 years ago..without even seeing the accessories! Taking this leap of faith has turned out to be a huge blessing & such a meaningful part of my life. Being able to experience real change because women choose to accessorize with Noonday collection-- the cumulative effect is profound . What I've found over the years in providing opportunity for others, is that we are also empowering women like us to be and look our best too.. Please look through this website to see our lookbook, read some of the artisan stories and how Noonday collection came to be and you'll soon understand why we are now the fastest growing fair trade private label accessory brand.. Why would you hesitate to book a trunk show? Besides having an excuse to get your friends together--you will also become part of the change you would like to see in this world. And to top it off, you are rewarded with free jewelry by hosting! I would be happy to talk to you about joining our ranks by placing an order, hosting a trunk show, fundraising for your (or a friend's) adoption, or what it's like being an ambassador for Noonday collection. I look forward to hearing from you! ~ Lisa Foster

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